Contact Person: Erich Schroda 
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Monate Private Game Reserve is located in the Thabazimbi Municipal area of the Limpopo Province, 2 km north-east of the town of Rooiberg, approximately 60 km northwest of Bela-Bela and approximately 32 km south-east of Thabazimbi.

The study area comprises of the farm Weynek 505 KQ, within an area of approximately 3 220 ha. The study area falls within the quarter degree grid 2427 DC.

The areas surrounding Bela-Bela and Thabazimbi are renown for the numerous and beautiful game farms, with well known larger reserves such a Marekele, Mabula and Mabilingwe located nearby.

Other key land uses in the greater area include cattle farming and agricultural production.

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